Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the finished effect last?  All patterns and artwork are cut INTO the concrete and don't come loose.  The finished product will last as long as the concrete because it's part of the concrete.

Will the color fade?  Some types of stains are more stable than others.  Colors change somewhat once sealed and usually get darker as they settle in to their new skin (sealers), perhaps a little fading over time if the protective sealer is not kept up.

Will the very cold winters affect the finish of my concrete? 
 The clear sealers that help to protect the concrete will actually make it last longer and withstand the weather better.  The process uses moisture barrier but vapor permeable protective clear sealers.  By keeping water, salt, and deicers out of the concrete, it is less likely to or delaminate.  We recommend resealing every 3-5 years to maintain the level of protection to your finished concrete.

I just poured new concrete.  How soon can you begin the staining and engraving process?  
Depending on several things like temperature and humidity, a 30 day cure time is required before beginning.

When you finish, how thick will my concrete be?  
The thickness does not change with the engraving process since the patterned cuts are IN the concrete.  It does not remove thickness nor add to the existing surface with any toppings or coatings.

How soon will you be able to start?
  Going from design to starting the job depends on weather, season (summer is busiest) and size of job.  Barring weather delays, a start date is determined at contract signing and a reminder call made at least one week from start date and again 2 days ahead of the start date.

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